Moving to Barcelona from London

Removals to Barcelona  from London

Do you want to move from London to Barcelona? We help you with all the necessary procedures so that you can start your life in Barcelona, where and when you decide:

  • Free quote for your move to Barcelona from London, with detailed information on price and service.
  • Door-to-door moving service. We take your move to the door of your next destination in Barcelona.
  • Management of all the necessary documentation for the relocation.
  • We are customs agents. We process the import to Spain of your household goods and personal effects .
  • Furniture transport
  • Drawing up an inventory and checklist for your move
  • Dismantling the furniture (if required) for easy and safe transport, and assembling the furniture at the destination residence in Barcelona.
  • Packing of your furniture, objects and belongings with our own materials.
  • Advice from our relocation experts.

Cost of moving from London to Barcelona

The cost of moving to Barcelona  from London, (removal of furniture and household goods from 3 rooms) can be approximately £3,275.00. Although the final cost of the move will depend on several factors: distance between the home of origin in London and the home of destination in Barcelona, the state of the access to the homes (narrow roads, state of the road, absence or not of a lift…), the volume of the move and the need to hire additional services (lifting cranes, loading and unloading permits, temporary storage of the move…). Below is a list of approximate prices for moving between London and Barcelona:

Cost of moving from London to Barcelona £3,054

Additional services for your move from London to Barcelona

To cover the needs that arise in a conventional removal, we have developed and made available to our customers a series of complementary services to the removals, which take into account from the situation of your pets to the international transfer of your vehicle. The services you can request in addition to completing your move from London to Barcelona are:

  • International pet shipping. We will take your pets from London to your next home in Barcelona.
  • International vehicle transport. Arrange for your car or motorbike to be sent from London to Barcelona. We also take care of their registration and so you can continue driving without worries in Barcelona.
  • Moving house storage. Store and preserve your furniture in our warehouses, which are video-surveyed 24 hours a day and guarded by our security personnel.
  • Relocation services. Do you need help with searching home in Barcelona? Are you worried about adapting to the Spanish people and culture? Our relocation services are designed to help you settle in Barcelona before, during and after your arrival in the country. It includes support with administrative procedures, immigration and tax advice for you and your business.
  • International art transport. We take care of transporting your valuable works of art or antiques from London to Barcelona, using specialised vehicles.
  • Office relocation. Do you want to move your business or company offices? We help you move your company from London to Barcelona.

Removal company in Barcelona

We are a moving company with more than 30 years of experience in the field of removals and international mobility. Our headquarters and physical delegations are located in Barcelona, so we are familiar with the country, the regulations regarding transport, mobility and taxation in Barcelona. Not only do we have our own offices and warehouses in the main cities of Spain, but we also have our own fleet of vehicles, personnel and our own packing materials.

We have a vast international network of partner agents who are experts in removals and relocations, with whom we work and who allow us to successfully manage and coordinate removals from all over the world to Barcelona. If you are thinking of moving from London to Barcelona and would like to receive free information, you can fill in this form to receive your free moving quote from London to Barcelona, with detailed information on price and service without obligation.

Where to move in Spain?

Move from London to any destination in Spain, besides Barcelona. These are some of the most popular cities and destinations in Spain for settling in and moving: