Removals Canada to Spain

Are you a Canadian citizen and want to move to Spain from Canada? We help you with all the procedures so that you can move to Spain immediately.

Move to Spain from Canada with the help of experts in international mobility and relocation. We have been carrying out removals to Spain from all over the world for over 30 years.


Moving to Spain from Canada

Do you want to move from Canada to Spain? We help you with all the necessary procedures:

  • Free quote for your removal to Spain, with detailed information on price and move service.
  • Door-to-door moving service. We collect and deliver your removal to your home.
  • We are customs agents. We process the import of your removal to Spain and manage all the documentation for your relocation.
  • Move furniture to SpainDisassembly of the furniture (if necessary) for easy and safe transport, and assembly at your home in Spain.
  • Packing of your removal items and moving household goods with our own materials. We also draw up a removal inventory list.
  • Advice from our relocation experts to move from Canada

Removals to Spain costs

The cost of moving to Spain from Canada, can be around CA$ 5,148.76 Although the final cost of the removal will depend on several factorsdistance between the home of origin in Canada and the home of destination in Spain, the state of the access to the homes, the volume of the move and the need to hire additional services along the moving.

Additional services for your move to Spain

The services you can request in addition to completing your removal to Spain from Canada are:

Request a free quote for your removal services to Spain

Move to Spain from Canada or from anywhere in the world. Get your free, no-obligation moving quote, with detailed information on costs, price and moving services.


Removals company in Spain

Moving to Spain belongs to the Mudinmar Mobility group, the Spanish international moving company with more than 30 years of experience in the global mobility sector. The ‘Moving to Spain’ seal was created to offer specialized services in removals to Spain from anywhere in the world.

✔ We have offices and delegations in the 3 most important cities in Spain: Valencia, Madrid and Barcelona.

✔ We work with a vast network of international agents in more than 160 countries around the world, through whom we coordinate the moving services to Spain.

✔ We can also offer other services in addition to removals, such as pet and vehicle transportation, through Relomar, the division specialized in relocation services that also belongs to the Mudinmar Mobility group.

Some tips for your move to Spain

Prohibited objects in the move
The following items are not allowed as removal items in your move: Medicines, food, liquids, alcohol, tobacco, drugs, firearms, ammunition, corrosive, flammable, corrosive or radioactive substances.
Documents for your removal to Spain from Canada
In general, these are some of the documents required for people wishing to move from Canada to Spain. Our movers will inform you of the documents you need and assist you in collecting and managing them.

  • Colour copy of your passport or NIE (Foreigners Identification Number).
  • Declaration of value (list of your belongings with their monetary value in euros)
  • Consular discharge: Original certificate from the Spanish Consulate in Canada.
  • Alta del Padrón Municipal”: Certificate duly issued by a Spanish Town Hall stating that the client resides in Spain
  • Tax labels. Taxpayer duly provided at the Tax Office.
Why move to Spain? Reasons to live in Spain
Spain is one of the best countries in the world in terms of quality of life according to various surveys carried out by international organisations and the media over the years. You may be thinking of moving to Spain permanently or temporarily, for a change of job or after retirement. If you are a Canadian citizen, who is thinking of moving to Spain, some of the reasons why you might want to move to Spain are: The climate is pleasant and sunny all year round; the diversity of the landscape; the cheerful and friendly nature of the Spanish people; basic expenses such as housing, food and utilities are usually cheaper than in other European countries; Spain has a good health care network and public transport; Spanish culture is very rich and is reflected in its traditions, festivals, museums, monuments and exhibitions.

Removal destinations in Spain

If you are thinking of moving to Spain from Canada, these are some of the best destinations to move in Spain.


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